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MATH 120 Exam 1 Information

1. Be able to nd x and y-intercepts from a graph.

2. Be able to perform operations with complex numbers such as:

(or subtraction)

3. Solve equations such as

4. Solve inequalities such as (expressing answer in interval notation)

5. Be able to solve word problems such as

•ACME Widgets makes high quality industrial widgets. The widgets are sold for $2
each. The company has fixed costs of $10,000. In addition, to make each widget, it
costs the company 50 cents. How many widgets must the company make and sell to
earn a pro t of $20,000? (a) Let x denote the number of widgets the company makes.
Write an expression for the total cost (in dollars) of producing x widgets. (b) Similarly,
write an expression for the revenue (in dollars) obtained by selling x widgets. (c) Write
an equation (in terms of x) which represents the desired pro t (in dollars). (d) Solve
the equation. (e) Answer the question.

•The value in dollars of an investment t years after the initial investment is M =
5t2 - 10t + 1000. After how many years is the value of the investment $3000?

•A rectangular pen has length that is twice four feet more than the width. If the
perimeter is 80 feet, what are the dimensions of the pen? Solve by algebra, showing
all details similar to the example above.

6. There will be a few short answer, true/false type questions on topics from Chapter 1. For
example, something like the following:
•Which quadrant does the point (-3, 4) lie in?

•Which axis does the point (0, 3) lie on?

•True or false: 7 is complex number.

•Express as a complex number.

•Give an example of linear equation.

•Give an example of an equation that has no real solutions.

Note. Those are just examples to suggest the nature of the questions. The content might
come from anywhere.

7. General suggestions: Go over the online and paper homeworks, especially problems you
had difficulty with. If you like the online system, under the "Tests" category, there are
pre-made chapter tests for Chapter 1 which you might want to try. You can also use the
Study plan which will generate sample problems for you for each section.

8. Details: The exam is worth 100 points. There will be 12 to 16 questions worth varying
amounts of credit. E.g., some more involved problems will be worth more. No notes or books
are allowed. You may have a calculator.