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MATH 097 Developmental Math

I. Course Description: This course involves practical arithmetic: decimals, fractions, ratios, percentages; operations on numbers; introduction to algebra. It is designed to develop skills of persons with a limited background in mathematics. Offered on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Credit does not apply to graduation.

II. Purpose of the Course: Developmental math is offered to prepare students for Basic Algebra, MTH 098.

III. College Learning Outcomes and Objectives: While this course does not address Learning Outcome 9, Quantitative Competence, at the college level, it does address mathematical skills needed to acquire such competence. (L.O. #9: Students can solve quantitative problems by using mathematical skills and current technology.)

IV. Course Objectives:
1. Students should be able to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals and signed numbers.
2. Students should be able to perform conversions among fractions, decimals and percents.
3. Students should be able to recognize prime numbers and perform factorizations of whole numbers.
4. Students should be able to solve problems involving ratios, proportions and algebraic equations in one unknown.

V. Topical Outline

A. Whole numbers
1. Place value
2. Properties
3. Addition and subtraction
4. Multiplication and division
5. Exponents
6. Order of operations
7. Perimeter, area and volume

B. Fractions and mixed numbers
1. Properties
2. GCF and LCM
3. Multiplication, division
4. Addition and subtraction
5. Multiplication and division
6. Complex fractions
7. Applications

C. Decimals
1. Addition and subtraction
2. Multiplication and division
3. Fractions and decimals
4. Formulas, circles

D. Ratios and proportions
1. Ratios
2. Unit analysis
3. Conversions
4. Proportions
A. Applications

E. Percent
1. Percents, decimals and fractions
2. Basic percent problems
3. Applications of percents

F. Introduction to Algebra
1. Positive and negative numbers
2. Addition with negative numbers
3. Subtraction with negative numbers
4. Multiplication and division with negative numbers

G. Solving equations
1. Distributive property
2. Addition property of equality
3. Multiplication property of equality
4. Linear equations in one variable
5. Applications