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Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers

Learning Objectives
To understand and to be able to add and subtract rational numbers.
To understand and be able to use fractions and mixed numbers.
To be able to estimate with rational numbers.

Testing Your Knowledge
1. Compute each of the following.

2. Change each of the following fractions to a mixed number.

3. Change each of the following mixed numbers to a fraction in the form a/b, where a and b are

4. A class consists of 2/5 freshmen,1/4 sophomores,1/10 juniors, and the rest seniors. What fraction
of the class is seniors?

5. A -inch board is cut from a inch board. The saw cut takes up 3/8 of an inch. How
much of the inch board is left after cutting?

6. Suppose that a large pizza is divided up into 3 equal size pieces and a small pizza is divided
up into 4 equal size pieces and you receive one piece from each pizza. Does 1/3+1/4 represent
the amount that you received? Why or why not.